Toronto, Ontario, is a bustling and lively city that belongs near the top of any traveler’s list of “must-see” destinations. Known for its vibrant theater scene and the famous Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto is Canada’s largest city and financial center.

Even when on vacation in such an enticing city, you don’t want to let your workout routine lapse. Whether you’re working out in the hotel or venture out on the town, there are plenty of ways to stay fit while traveling.

Take Advantage of Hotel Amenities

Working out in the hotel gym or swimming laps in the hotel pool has one major advantage: you can squeeze in a workout at any time of day. At the right hotel, you can sneak in a cycling session before breakfast or run off some excess energy late at night. Seek out a hotel with workout amenities such as a lap pool or a 24 hour gym, like those found IHG hotels throughout Toronto, such as the elegant Kimpton Saint George in Toronto’s Annex neighborhood.

Run on the Islands

A quick 10-minute ferry ride from downtown delivers you to the Toronto Islands. Have you ever started a workout with a boat ride? Now is your time to give it a try. The view from the ferry is enough to make the trip worthwhile, but it gets even better once you disembark.

Quaint streets and bike paths crisscross Centre Island, the most popular of the three Toronto Islands. Lace up your running shoes and take a jog around the island or rent a bike and cover more ground. Stop on one of the sandy beaches and do a bodyweight routine of lunges, squats, pushups, and sit-ups. The best part? You get to take the ferry back to the mainland after.

Get Stoked at SURFSET Toronto

How do you feel about getting your stoke on? SURFSET Toronto is an innovative workout center that leads classes and group exercises entirely on mounted surfboards. Designed to constantly engage your core and work out your body and mind at the same time, it’s an experience unlike any other to be found on land.

For your first time on a board, try out a “Beginner Blend” or “Balance” class. Be careful, you may consider moving to Toronto just to keep going to this unique gym.

Sweat at an Outdoor Gym

Outdoor gyms are popping up at urban parks across North America, and Toronto is no exception. Outdoor gyms provide workout equipment that is simple to use and targets strength, flexibility, and cardio. The equipment is available free of charge and is appropriate for any skill level.

In Toronto, check out the outdoors gyms at Sir Casimir Gzowski Park near High Park and Bellevue Square Park near Kensington Market.

Staying fit while traveling doesn’t need to be a burden. Taking advantage of your hotel gym, exploring the Toronto Islands by foot or pedal, balancing on an urban surfboard, and seeking out outdoor gyms are just a few ways to keep energized and invigorated while enjoying your vacation.