The tech industry is booming and won’t be slowing down any time soon. While some jobs may become obsolete, technological advancements will create new jobs in the future to make up for it. If you’ve been considering starting a career in the tech industry but are not sure of which career path to follow, to make your decision making process a little easier, here are five career paths you can consider pursuing.

1. Software Development

Every fully functional software that you have used was designed and created by a software developer. The career of a software developer typically involves building software programs or leading teams that are tasked with carrying out the development of software programs that allow the execution of precise tasks on computer devices. These tasks vary widely from creating spreadsheets, playing video games, sending emails, and lots of other use cases. A career in software development typically requires that you take a certification course in a certain coding language, but you can also get a university degree in the field.

2. Mobile App Development

A career in software development blossomed as people got more access to computers. Similarly, as people all over the world have gotten more access to mobile devices – from cell phones to tablets and more – the demand for mobile applications has increased, thus creating a high level of demand for mobile app developers. App developers are building a career for themselves by designing apps that solve problems for large sections of the market or by working for companies that need apps to create better relationships with their customers. Like many of the tech companies in San Francisco, having certifications and adequate experience is valued more than just having a degree in getting a job as a mobile developer. 

3. Computer Systems Analyst

If you choose a career as a computer systems analyst, your main job will be to help individuals or companies make effective and efficient use of their technology. Systems analysts help companies merge new technology with the existing tech after ensuring that the decision to merge is based on good information and that it is in the company’s best interests.

4. Network and Computer Systems Administration

A career in network and computer systems administration will put you in a place of responsibility for the computer network of a company. People who work in this field can also be called systems administrators or IT managers. As IT professionals their areas of expertise involve the organization, installation, and support for all types of networks such as local area networks (LAN), intranets, as well as wide area networks (WANs).

5. Computer Forensic Crime Investigation

If you ever dreamed of being a law enforcement agent but found that you had a great love for tech as well, then you can pursue both paths with a career in computer forensic crime investigation. As a computer crime investigator, you will be responsible for helping law enforcement get to the root of digital crimes.

The tech industry is very vast and full of potential opportunities for anyone looking to start a career. Check out the list of career paths above and choose one to start your journey in the tech industry.