Taking the children on holiday may seem like a lot of effort, but it is certainly worth it. Travel is an important part of raising a well-balanced child, and it is a wonderful way of making time for each other and creating memories together that will last a lifetime. France is a great place to travel with the family and there are plenty of attractions that people of all ages will enjoy. You can travel around the country by train, rent a car, or take flights to save on travelling time. Here are 5 great family holiday destinations in France.

Loire Valley

A cycling trip in the Loire Valley is a great idea for a family vacation. You can find flat routes or routes with gentle rolling hills that are suitable for cyclists of all ages. The routes will travel through valleys past castle, vineyards, orchards, and stunning rivers. Park the bikes and tour Château de Chambor, the largest castle in the valley that is known for its stunning architecture. You will build up quite an appetite cycling so be sure to stop and indulge in locally made cheese, wine, and chocolate. There is a wide array of villas and chateaux in the Loire Valley, which all have their own fascinating history and can provide the perfect base for exploring this stunning region.


Bordeaux is a beautiful city in south western France that is located on the banks of the Garonne River. The whole family will love dipping their feet in The Miroir d’Eau where they can view the stunning Place de la Bourse. Explore Jardin Public that is inspired by the gardens of Versailles. Spend an evening at Grand Théâtre where you can see top notch ballet or opera that will be a thrill for people of all ages. Take a trip to Zoo de Pessac where you can watch snack time for all of the animals that reside there.


Corsica is a great place for a family vacation and this stunning island in the Mediterranean is known for its unique blend of French and Italian culture. There are lots of activities for families to enjoy outside like sailing, trekking, cycling, white water rafting, and numerous festivals. You can also enjoy cheese making demonstrations. The beaches are beautiful so make sure you take the time to explore Calvi Beach, Arinella Beach, Palombaggia Beach, and Pinarello Beach that has warm shallow water for the littlest travellers.


Biarritz is a beautiful town that is located on the Basque coast. There are an array of holiday rentals located on the beachfront, so the whole family can sign up for surfing lessons here and learn how to ride the waves. There are also plenty of beaches to spend the day relaxing on like Plage de Milady, Plage d’Erromardie, and Miramar Beach. Take the picturesque walk to the Biarritz Lighthouse where you can see stunning views along the way. Biarritz will surely become a family favourite, and you’ll find yourself coming back every year!


Paris is an expensive city but it is also a great place for a family visit. You can skip the headache of standing in line for the major tourist attractions by picking up the Paris Pass that allows you to skip the queues and gives you discounts on attractions, restaurants, transportation and some stores. This is a great way to see the iconic landmarks like Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, and go on a boat cruise on the Seine. Rent an apartment so that you can prepare your own food and get a good night’s rest every night.