VideographerIn this day and age, a video is king when it comes to marketing. Customers are most engaged when they consume content in the form of video as compared to text. If you are not already using video as an effective tool in your marketing strategy, the following are 5 reasons why you should consider it.

1) More Engagement

Videos are the best way to make sure that your audience engages with your content. With most of the social platforms geared towards video marketing, the audience can easily comment and share your videos with a couple touches. They are about 10 times more likely to do so with videos as compared to blogs and other posts.

The more creative and entertaining videos you can make, the more the audience will engage with them. In the best possible case, they could even go viral if you happen to create something uniquely awesome.

2) It’s Easy and Affordable

Up until a few years ago, video production, at least of a good quality, wasn’t commercially viable especially for small businesses. It was simply too expensive, and it took way too much effort. However, thanks to advancement in technology and more competition in the video production business, now you can create highly effective videos with much reduced effort.

A great solution for your video production needs is Miami Video Producer. They provide excellent services in all aspect of video production such as camera equipment, props, lighting etc. Moreover, if you are on a higher budget, you can even rent out several studios and sets for filming.

3) Great ROI

Amongst other marketing strategies, video marketing gives one of the best returns on investment. It allows you to be able to connect with your audience in a more effective manner and build your brand’s personality, both of which are extremely valuable.

You can use simpler software and hire some freelancers in order to keep the video production costs low. Moreover, you can try different video marketing strategies and see which type of videos work best with your audience to maximize impact.

4) Higher Retention and Conversion Rates

As the average attention span of the average human shifts lower and lower, it is of utmost importance to keep the viewers’ interest. Large blocks of text are usually skimmed if not skipped entirely in most cases.

A far better alternative is to use video as a means of content marketing, which has a much higher retention rate. People usually prefer watching videos whether that be an explanatory video or an advertisement.

5) Better Search Engine Results

Search Engines like Google and Bing automatically prefer videos over other types of content.    If your website consists of different videos that you’ve utilized in marketing, then another side effect will be that your website will show up higher in search engine results.

This will lead to an even more organic traffic when people search for your business’s name or related topics. If you plan on improving your business’s SEO, then focusing on video marketing is a great way to do so.