Venice is one of the most wonderful and unique cities in the world. It has an atmosphere and aesthetic like no other destination on the planet, and its history is as detailed as it’s turbulent. Venice is always an amazing visit, and it’s great that it has a meet and greet service for Venice Airport taxi. Other than that there are a few tips that everyone should know when visiting this gorgeous city.

Book your accommodations near a water taxi

Dragging luggage around Venice is not something that anyone should ever want to do. It’s not only a difficult task by itself, but due to Venice’s layout and unique situation, you want to be able to easily drop off your luggage onto a water taxi. If you’re staying in Venice proper, then do proper research on how close the water taxi is to your hotel, because this little detail can easily ruin your entire trip.

Don’t rush to tourist restaurants

Venice is one of those cities that’s well known for its lovely cuisine, but tourist restaurants can get ridiculously expensive. Not that the food there is not good, but it can rarely compare to the many amazing dishes that the local restaurants are known for. The standard is pretty high in Venice in general, so it might appear like local restaurants are quite expensive too, but once you do a bit of research and find a good restaurant you won’t regret spending even a cent.

Getting lost is common

The layout of Venice is confusing at best, and downright infuriating at worst. No matter which direction you take or how well you can orient yourself, getting lost is something that regularly happens to everybody. Even if you’re using online maps you can easily get lost, so simply accept the fact that if you’re in Venice without a guide that you’ll get lost frequently.

Explore the non-touristy areas

Even though Venice is one of the largest tourist destinations in Italy, not every part of the city is made to be a tourist hotspot. Once you accept the fact that you’ll be getting lost very often, try to explore its many wonderful and historic areas on foot. Only make sure to wear good shoes, as many of the streets are quite old and a bit rough.

Don’t oversleep

Unless it doesn’t matter which time of day you wake up, make sure to get up as early as possible. If you oversleep then you’ll either miss out on most tourist attractions, or simply wait in lines the whole day. Also, if you wake up earlier than most then you’re probably going to have a few of the tourist spots practically all to yourself, since most spots don’t get full until around 9-10AM.

Venice is an amazing city. Visiting it at any time of the year can be an amazing experience, because once you get lost in its streets, you’ll immediately realize just why everyone loves this city so much.