Serious gamers can sometimes sit in front of a gaming console and monitor for hours at a time. This time commitment is often necessary to achieve top scores, but sitting for so long, especially in one position can take a toll on your body. However, a gaming chair that eliminates pressure points as you sit would help you game for as long as you want. The Yogibo offers a Gaming Bean Bag chair that conforms to your body and gently supports you during those long gaming sessions. Here’s how this bean bag chair works.


The key to the Yogibo’s zero-gravity feature is the expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads that are inside the inner bag. These beads are created when blowing agents form bubbles in EPS foam, expanding it and filling it with air. The tiny beads that are created through this process are mostly air, which makes them extremely cushiony and springy. When you fill a bag with these tiny beads, you get a cushioned bag that changes shape as you push on the beads and shift them to another location within the bag.

The result is a piece of furniture that will shift shape as you sit, lounge, or lay on it, moving the beads inside the bag to support the parts of your body at their point of contact with the bag. As a gamer, you know that it’s critical to practice good ergonomics to ensure your body doesn’t ache after a marathon gaming session. The Yogibo’s use of EPS beads means that your feet and arms will never fall asleep while you’re gaming and your neck can be supported at the proper angle to view the monitor.


Gamers are sometimes reluctant to use bean bags as chairs during their gaming sessions because they wear out quickly and eventually lose their fullness. However, the Yogibo won’t do that. It can last for years under normal conditions, and can even take some abuse without tearing or puncturing. If your Yogibo ever feels like it’s not full enough, you can add more EPS beads to the inner bag and get the exact fullness you desire.

The covers are completely washable, so if you spill something on it during a particularly intense game, you can unzip the cover, remove it, and toss it into your washing machine. Afterward, you simply stuff the inner bag back into the cover and your Yogibo will be as good as new. As any avid gamer will tell you, snacking during long gaming matches is almost mandatory, but you won’t have to worry about spills as long as you choose a Yogibo with a washable cover.


The best part about using the Yogibo Gaming Bean Bag chair is that it will support any position you prefer to be in while you’re battling on the screen. You can use it as a traditional chair, which is very popular, but you can also use it as a lounger, couch, or bed. You can settle in with your neck, back, head, arms, and legs all supported with the exact amount of pressure needed to keep you gaming in comfort. 


If you haven’t thought about getting a high-end bean bag chair for your gaming marathons, it’s time to consider the Yogibo Gaming Bean Bag chair. You will be blown away with the support it gives you during those long sessions.