A buddy of mine took me to California last month to spend a week in his vacation home there, during the first night we were having a few drinks and the conversation turned to casinos, somewhere that I had never previously visited. My buddy then made it is mission to take me to lose my casino virginity, and we headed to the remarkable Bicycle Casino Hotel. This casino is the biggest in the state and it was absolutely enormous when you walked in, the perfect place for my first time. My friend gave me the perfect introduction to casino games and with that in mind I wanted to do the same for you guys, and so here are the best games to play if you are a newcomer in the casino.


Blackjack can be complicated if you are playing for serious money, but generally speaking it is a simple card game, and perfect for the newcomer. In this game you play against the house and if you win, you double your money, lose and you lose it. The idea of the game is to reach 21, you will be dealt 2 cards to begin with, and then the choice will be yours whether you twist, which is to ask for another card, stick, meaning sticking with what you have, or you can split if you have 13 or 14 with your first cards. You can stick on 17 and upwards and even if you have 18, the dealer could end up with over 21, meaning that you win. Check it out online and you’ll realize just how simple this game can be.


Roulette was the most fun game that I played in the casino and I ended up spending most of my evening by the roulette wheel. This is also a very simple game, and very easy to win some money on, not millions of course, but it can be a good game to boost your bet pot. The idea is that you bet on where the ball will land on the roulette wheel, and each selection has varying odds of success. You can bet on one of the individual 36 numbers which gives you 36/1, you can bet on red or black which gives you 2/1, you could also bet on which line of numbers, which section of numbers, you can bet on corners, you can select any one of 4 numbers and you can also bet on the green zero. Spread your bets to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Higher or Lower

Higher or lower is probably the most simple game that you’ll find in the casino, you simply place your bet and than guess whether the next card turned over will be higher or lower than the previous card. If you want a way to ease yourself into casino life, this is the game to play.