Last year was a massive year in terms of climate change and climate change awareness and there are many people who have felt inspired by this and wish to change their lives for the better. I have long been inspired by my good friend Bharat Bhise who has focussed on living a greener lifestyle for many years now. Bharat has shown me many ways in which I can reduce the damage which my lifestyle does to the environment, and now there are more people than ever following in his footsteps. If you want to live greener in the coming year, here are some tips on doing so.

Less Meat

Going vegan would be the best solution if you truly want to live a green lifestyle but if you aren’t prepared to make that leap just yet, then minimizing how much meat you eat is going to be a smart choice to make. The meat and dairy industry destroys forests, uses vast amounts of water and the waste product from the animals releases noxious gases into the air. If we can minimize how much meat we eat then we can help to reduce demand and decrease the damage that this industry does.

Recycling or Not Using

There are many areas of the world where we have a great attitude towards recycling but the issue often becomes that we have nothing to do with the recycled waste. This year then you should still continue to recycle but also pay attention to the materials which you are using. Single use plastic is a major concern and you may have seen the awful images of sea life which are swimming around islands of dumped plastic which have accumulated in the sea. Using re-usable items like water bottles and even crockery is a great way to reduce how much plastic you are using.


Using less energy is going to help both the planet and your pocket so it is something which really makes a great deal of sense. In the home you should be trying to lower how much energy, water and gas you are using, make sure that you take steps to help you stay hot or cool in the home, without relying on heating or AC systems. The more that you are able to reduce your energy consumption the better it will be for the planet on the whole.

Food Miles

Another huge factor which is causing damage to the environment is food miles, the distance which food has to travel to get to your plate. To help reduce this you can put a heavier focus on buying locally sourced produce, instead of eating fruits and vegetables which have been flown in from around the world. Not only will this help the planet but it will greatly boost your local economy, a win-win situation.

With these small changes you can start to really do your bit in helping to reduce the effects of climate change.