We all know that if we are smart and take advantage a rage of offers which grocery stores have that we can save a little bit of money on our weekly shop, but did you know that you can also use online resources to save huge cash on your weekly grocery shop? The internet has plenty of opportunities for shoppers if you know where to look, and if you are smart then you can really reap these rewards, and trim down the overall cost of your weekly grocery spends. Everyone likes to save a bit of money and here is how you can use the internet to do exactly that.


If you haven’t heard of websites like Cashback World then you are seriously missing out on some huge savings. These websites don’t offer discounts but rather cashback on products which they are working with. This changes each week so once you have set up an account you soul check in to see what is on offer, and what percentage cashback you can expect. The amazing thing about these sites is that they are offering cashback on commonly bought items, so you may very well be able to recoup some of your spends, on products which you would have bought anyway. Simply upload your receipt and watch the cashback come back into your account. If you regularly check the website then you’ll find that you can get some serious money back each week.


For many years people have collected coupons to get themselves money off for a number of products and whilst this hasn’t changed, the method by which people do it most certainly has. Instead of tearing out the backs of magazines and newspapers, we now have coupon sites which work with grocery stores and producers, to offer you huge bargains on commonly bought products. These websites are often free to join which means that it will cost you absolutely nothing to get some great savings. Many of the sites also have phone apps so that you can simply download the app, check-in each day to see what offers are available, and then you can show the coupon code straight from your phone for an instant discount when you are paying in the store. Don’t miss out on this free opportunity to save huge amounts of cash on your weekly shop.

Home Delivery

So many grocery stores are pushing their home delivery option and to win your custom they are offering huge discounts and savings if you do so. Coupled with this you will also find that many offer loyalty schemes which can save you money each month and remember that you won’t even have to leave your home to make the most of it. Another way in which this helps you to save money is because you won’t be tempted to make spontaneous purchases, because you won’t be in the store in the first place.

Get online and make some big savings on your grocery shop.