June is a great month for weddings. Gorgeous weather with bright skies welcomes couples to exchange vows, say I do, and start their happy lives together. Speaking of weddings, many ladies dream of wearing the most fashionable wedding gowns on this special day. So June brides should go trendy this year and let Instagram fashion influencer Ken Julian help them find their dream dress.

Ken Julian is a popular Instagram fashion influencer whose style garnered the attention of thousands of followers in just a few months. He calls his fanbase “Julians” and takes them inside his stylish life daily with pictures of the latest trends, tips for fashion-savvy people, and event updates.

Many people say “I do” in June because it is the best time to take wedding photos and the weather is just perfect for picturesque moments. The sun shines brightly and creates a spotless blue sky backdrop. While most brides want to wear elegant white dresses, they can also consider other color variations like soft cream, blush, and even red. Fashionistas can go for a striped maxi dress in sweetheart neckline style paired with white sandals, delicate accessories, and a small flower bouquet.

Ken Julian stresses that wedding dresses should be comfortable to wear during the ceremony because many brides will dance throughout their event. Fitted designs complement all figures but not if it is too tight or difficult to move in. On the other hand, too loose gowns will make brides feel like they are wearing potato sacks. June brides should choose their wedding dress styles wisely and avoid feeling uncomfortable during all the fun moments of the event.

Ken revealed his tips about how to wear colorful style dresses for your wedding.

• When wearing bright colors for your wedding, avoid outfits with too much pattern detail and prints.

• Avoid skirts that are more than knee-length because they will make you look shorter.

• Go for a short veil or none at all if you decide to wear a white dress so it will not overwhelm the rest of your outfit.

• White is not the only color for wedding dresses. Anyone can wear colors like pastels, pinks, and even yellow. All you have to do is pick a shade that will match your complexion, personality, and style.

Ken says the most important thing is to remember this day is all about you. “At the end of the day, it’s your day,” says Julian. “Don’t let tradition or what other people think of your dress affect how you feel on your wedding day.”

Make a splash this June with a beautiful wedding dress color that will show off your personal style and raise a little sartorial hell, says Ken!

Ken Julian has been featured in many magazines as an expert on fashion trends for both men and women, including Maxim, Esquire, and the like. He also has his own YouTube channel, blog, and Instagram page where he shares trend tips for fashionistas of all ages.