Your iPhone While Traveling

You’ve got your flight booked and you’ve started counting down the days until takeoff. Each red ‘x’ on the calendar is one step closer to your vacation. Before you start daydreaming about sandy beaches or bustling streets of a new city, you should take a look at your iPhone.

Make Your Flight A Breeze

It’s true that you should turn your smartphone off while the plane is sitting on the tarmac, but that doesn’t mean you have to put it away for the whole flight. For one, most companies now offer in-flight WiFi so that you can answer emails or update your Twitter followers when you’re soaring above the clouds. You’ll just have to put it in airplane mode and wait for the seatbelt sign to turn off before you log-on again.

Even without WiFi, you can turn your iPhone into your personal entertainment system. Days before your trip, take the time to clear some storage space and download music, podcasts or audiobooks for the ride. You can also download movies or TV shows to watch instead of accepting the selection of inflight films. Just don’t forget to pack your AirPods because the flight staff won’t offer you compatible headphones.

Use Apps To Your Advantage

There are so many apps that can make managing your trip a cinch. Download an app like PackPoint Premium Packing List to make sure you get all of your essentials in your luggage. You don’t want to realize that you’re halfway around the world without any underwear.

Get Airbnb as a backup plan, in case any of your reservations fall through and you need to find a place to stay at the last minute. You’ll be much happier to find an affordable room to sleep in, instead of paying a fortune for a pricy hotel or roughing it in a train station.

There are plenty of other apps that can make your trip easier. Go through your App Store to explore your options.

Take Spectacular Photos

Your iPhone is light, portable and outfitted with an excellent camera. It’s much easier than lugging a bunch of professional equipment to every tourist site. Take a snap, edit to your heart’s desire and then upload it on social media to share your journey with everyone at home.

If you want to take spectacular photos while on your vacation, research the areas you’re visiting to get an idea of what you’d like to see. It could be a narrow night market full of fruit stands, food vendors and shoppers. It could be the ruins of an ancient church. Searching ahead of time will give you an idea of how crowded the space will be, what the lighting will be like and whether your photo will be an exact copy of other Instagram pics.

Remember to use the iPhone camera features to your advantage:

  • Take action-shots with Burst Mode
  • Blur backgrounds with Portrait Mode
  • Tackle tricky lighting with the HDR (High Dynamic Range) Setting
  • Stay level by using the Grid tool

If you want to take advantage of all of your iPhones capabilities on-the-go, you need to take good care of it. Breaking it or losing it could be devastating. A single slip-up could ruin the whole trip.

First things first, you can use an effective screen protector to avoid permanent cracks or breaks in the glass. To stop scuff marks and ugly scratches showing up on the back, apply a high-quality phone skin. You should check out the coolest skins for iPhones and see what one works with your personal taste because security can be stylish. Whether you drop your phone because someone bumped into you or you’ve had a few too many margaritas, you can rest easy knowing it won’t look terrible when you come back.

It’s possible that you drop your phone without noticing and go about your day. Don’t put the phone somewhere that it can slip or fall. If you don’t want to buy a bulky waist-belt, place it inside of a secure bag and keep it close to your person.

You can find your lost phone with the help of a Bluetooth tracking device or through its manufacturer’s recovery system. Apple will have a Find My iPhone feature for worried users. It can pinpoint the phone’s location, guard against intruders with a passcode and project a message on the home screen in case any Good Samaritans stumble across it. If the phone gets stolen, you can use the app as a last resort to erase your data.

Use your iPhone to entertain you on long flights, manage your days and take amazing photos. As long as you take preventative measures, it should come back in your carry-on in perfect shape. Following these simple tips will guarantee that your iPhone makes your vacation unforgettable in the best way.