Obesity is a widespread problem that plagues millions of people across the globe today. A majority of people become overweight because of unhealthy diet combined with a sedentary lifestyle. Another reason for unprecedented weight gain is genetic predisposition, whereby people tend to be obese simply because this trend runs in their families. In some cases, obesity is associated with other health conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disorder. Obesity does not come alone but brings a number of health conditions in addition to low self-esteem.

Whatever is the reason, it is necessary to resolve this challenge by losing weight in one way or the other. While some people try to lost weight by eating healthy and hitting the gym, others follow a diet protocol. HCG Diet protocol is one of the effective diet protocols that enables the dieter lose weight fast and also helps him to sustain the weight loss over a long period of time. The results of this plan are amazing, with dieters reporting weight loss of 1-2 pounds a day on the average. It is also revered for its efficiency, convenience and safety. Now let us understand the elements of HCG diet and the way they work.

HCG Diet: Low-Cal Diet + HCG

Typically, an HCG diet protocol comprises of two parts:

  • A low calorie diet that is limited to only around 500 calories in a day. This plan comprises of three phases, namely the loading phase, core phase and maintenance phase. During the Phase 1 or loading phase, the dieter takes high-fat food during the first two days of the plan. The purpose of this phase is to prepare the body for bearing the brunt of the stringent diet protocol. In the Phase 2 or core phase, the calorie intake is reduced drastically to only 500 calories a day. This is the actual part of the diet and lasts for 21-40 days. The dieter has to take two meals comprising of one serving each of protein, bread, vegetable and fruit. During the Phase 3 or maintenance phase, the calorie intake is increased to 800-1000 calories a day.
  • The second component of the HCG diet plan is intake of HCG hormone in the form of drops or injections. HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that boosts metabolism and speeds up the calorie burning rate. This hormone is synthesized naturally in the human body and its level goes up during pregnancy as a natural mechanism to fulfill the metabolic requirements of the growing fetus. It has been proved effective for fertility treatment and weight loss. As a part of the HCG protocol, the drops or injections are to be taken during the Phase 2 or core phase when the calorie intake is reduced to the minimum. While a low-calorie diet itself promotes weight loss, the drug boosts calorie burning rate. The dieter loses weight because the daily intake is just 500 calories but around 3000-4000 calories are burnt every day. The hormone is discontinued in the third stage so that the body gets adapted to losing weight without its assistance.

HCG drops or injections: Which is the better option?

Now that the significance of HCG drug as a part of the protocol is well understood, the next question is about the choice between the forms it can be taken in. Whether you are a first-timer with the diet or starting a subsequent time, you have to make a choice by weighing the pros and cons. Each one has its advantages and limitations. Also, your personal preference, lifestyle and budget are some other considerations that influence this choice. Let us evaluate both these forms to help you make a choice that works for you.

HCG Injections: HCG injections are available by subscription only and you can buy them from the doctor or a local pharmacy. The other way is to purchase them is online which you should do only from a reputed seller. The latter is the less expensive option because you can do it without prescription, which a cut down the doctor’s cost. However, buying it online means that the dieter has to monitor and manage the dosage on his own, without the doctor’s assistance. This is the reason why most people prefer to take the injections through a prescription-based protocol as it reduces the risk of wrong dosage and makes the diet more effective.

The advantage of HCG injections is that they show immediate effects with faster weight loss results. The reason is that they tend to increase the HCG concentration in the bloodstream directly to bring rapid results. On the other hand, there may be some side effects that the users may come across. Most of them are specific to using a needle rather than to the drug itself. Some people may experience pain, bruising or irritation at the injection area. Others may just not want to go through the discomfort of taking injections daily. One shot is required on a daily basis for 45 days, which is something that requires a great deal of courage. HCG drops serve as a feasible alternative for such dieters.

HCG Sublingual Drops: Like HCG injections, the drops can also be bought from a pharmacy or online. There are a number of websites trading in them. You can get your supplies here on a reasonable pricing as well as access useful information about the protocol itself. These drops are sublingual, which means that they are to be taken under the tongue so that they are absorbed into the bloodstream fast and easily. A typical dosage of 8-10 drops thrice a day is recommended though it may be more or less depending on the individual requirements. The dieter needs to store them in a cool, dark place to maintain their efficacy. They should be refrigerated if you are not going to use them for some time.

HCG drops are comparatively less expensive than injections, but the results may not come as fast because they are not as quick in reaching the bloodstream. Another thing to consider is that you have to take some precautions to ensure the efficacy of these drops. You should not eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes before and after taking them otherwise they will not yield the desired effect. Moreover, they do not get absorbed properly in some people and they end up feeling hungry and consuming some extra calories than the permissible limit. On the other hand, sublingual HCG is easy to take as there is no pain and discomfort involved. This is the main reasons that a majority of people prefer drops to injections.

Drops vs Injections

At the end of the day, the choice between the drops and injections totally depends on the user’s preference. If you want fast results and are ready to bear some discomfort, then injections make a good option for you. But if you want a painless and less expensive way to follow the protocol, then there is nothing like HCG drops. The latter can be fully effective if you take the right dosage at the right time and in the right way. The most critical thing to do is to buy the drug from a reputed seller, whether you shop online or offline. Of course, more people prefer to shop online these days because of the convenience it brings. Ensure the purity and safety of the preparation by verifying the reputation of the seller. Go through online reviews of real users to get a good idea.