How a Walk In Eye Exam Near Me Solved My Problems

If you had asked me this time last year what my eyesight was like I’d have told you that I had no problems with my vision at all. Around May however I saw a sign for a walk in eye exam near me and the offer was so good that I decided that I would go in and find out for certain. I have to be honest that I was surprised when they said that I should be using some glasses or contact lenses. Having said this, once I began to use something to aid my vision, everything changed for me.

Less Headaches

I wouldn’t say that I was getting headaches every day but I was certainly getting more than my fair share. The problem with a headache is that there really can be so many causes. Usually I put the headaches down to stress and that is why I never really addressed them. What I had failed to realize was that my struggling vision was clearly a reason as to why I was getting so many headaches and now that I have some support, they are a thing of the past.

Better Driving

I never really felt that I struggled to see things on the road, I suppose again you just come to accept changes in the body and mind as you age. When I decided to start wearing contacts however my driving was so much easier and so much more comfortable. Having poor vision is about so much more than not seeing well, it is also about the fact that your brain is having to work harder in order to make up for struggling vision. This is why I have since found it so much easier to drive and why I wish I’d been to get my eyes tested so much sooner than I did.

Reading Ability

I have always read the newspaper first thing in the morning and I must confess that I hadn’t recognized a slight lack in focus which I once had. I used to think that this was just because I had things on my mind or things to do, but now I recognize that the issues was an entirely different one. Because of my struggling vision I simply couldn’t read for the same length of time that I once could. Now that I have some support however I am back to reading a good chunk of that newspaper before I kickstart my day.

Better Concentration

As I have just mentioned, your brain needs to work so much harder when something is faltering and that is why now, thanks to the glasses, I have such sharper focus and concentration. No matter if I am speaking with people or if I am learning something new, I definitely find that I have a more acute sense of concentration which is incredibly helpful.

You may not be aware of it, but you could be struggling with poor vision too, which is why you should get checked out if you can.