During this pandemic we are seeing winners and losers and heroes and villains and there is absolutely no doubt that amongst those heroes are healthcare workers and those who are doing all that they can to support them. Within this group are the fabulous housing companies who are freeing up their properties to give those healthcare workers Covid-19 short term rentals to stay in, and this is providing so many men and women with a great option of where to stay during the pandemic. This is why these healthcare workers need this space and why short term rentals are the perfect option.


Even with the best PPE in the world, there is absolutely no doubting the level of exposure which these men and women have to this terrible virus and that is why they can’t simply go back to their homes afterwards, unless of course they live alone. Many however have families back home and they need to stay away from them for their own safety, especially if there are elderly people in the house. They need somewhere to stay and these housing companies are providing them with an option.


Most healthcare workers will likely tell you that after a 12 or 14 hours shift they don’t care where they can lay down but if they are going to be spending a lot of time in the place they want more than a cheap motel, and they deserve more than that too. These short term rentals are comfortable and they offer something more of a home away from home experience rather than just a bed to lay down on. This is what these men and women deserve and thankfully this is what they are getting.


The most amazing thing about so many of these companies is that they are not only offering up their rentals to medical workers but they are also doing so for free, or at heavily discounted prices. The reason why this is so impressive is that we are in the grips of a pandemic which is affected an enormous amount of industries and businesses and the short term rentals industry certainly falls under that umbrella. This is an incredibly selfless and encouraging act which we should be applauding these companies for.


What we have to remember is that it is not just the usual healthcare workers who are being supported by these companies but also those traveling. There are medical staff who move from other cities and states where they are not needed as much as they are in others, and they bring their skills, knowledge and expertise to a new location in order to help contain the virus and support patients to the best of their abilities. These men and women who are risking their lives and leaving behind their comfortable situations at home to support others deserve our gratitude and our support, and with short term rentals that is exactly what they are receiving.