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If you are a car salesperson and you want some important tips on how to close that sale, then you are in the right place. Expert Jeffrey W. Lupient has recently released some key tips on how to make sure you will get that commission at the end of the month. His most important tip of all, however, is to stand up straight and be proud of what you do. Just because you’re in a slump does not mean you are a bad salesman. Have confidence in yourself, but also be ready to make some changes.

Jeffrey W. Lupient’s Key Car Sales Tips

1. Are you listening enough? Salespeople have a tendency to talk, particularly if they feel a bit desperate. In so doing, you forget to hear what it is that your customer is looking for, and you will end up offering them something they don’t want. Remember, as well, that nobody trusts a car salesperson, so try to say as little as possible, unless it is something that really matters.

2. Are you too negative? There is a saying in the world of car sales, that certain salespeople are in the “Seven Car Club”. This means that they sell seven cars per month, which is the bare minimum, and spend the rest of their time complaining about how hard it is for them to make sales. Take a candid look at yourself and ask yourself whether you’re in that club. If you are, get out of it. Any free time at work you have should be spent on the phone trying to get new stock in, sourcing deals, and following up with customers. There is always something to do within a dealership that will place you in a positive light of not just management, but customers as well.

3. Are you trying too hard? If you are under pressure to make enough sales this month, you might be trying a little bit too hard. Sometimes, salespeople start to come across as desperate – because they are. But customers pick up on this. You need to come across as if it doesn’t matter to you whether someone decides to buy a vehicle or not. If you are relaxed in yourself, and appear relaxed about their choices, your buyers will start to relax as well and they will be far more receptive to what you have to offer them.

These are three very honest tips for car salespeople. The reason why they are so honest is because, in most cases, the problem lies firmly with the salesperson themselves. They are too negative, too desperate, and too much stuck in a rut to make that sale. This shows in their demeanor, body language, intonation, and general energy, and customers pick up on that. If you have a good product, which cars inevitably are, and you know that you can sell, then the problem is probably within you. Take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask yourself what is really going wrong and then make the necessary changes.