Warmer weather means that new makeup trends are on full display. Sunshine and flowers are inspiring all kinds of fun makeup upgrades for the new season, and Lime Crime pallets are the perfect way to capitalize on the latest beauty crazes. The ability to mix and match various shades allows you to get the most value out of pallets while blending to your heart’s content.

After following some of the hottest trends appearing at music festivals and from social events of the season, the two that top the charts so far are structuring facial features through highlighting and bright eye shadow that coordinates with other bold colors in an outfit. These trends are not necessarily mutually exclusive and lend themselves to being combined with other staple makeup techniques, which is why they are so easy to incorporate into your fresh look for spring.

If you want to pull off this new highlighting trend, try using the stay on trend this season Venus 3 pallet. This product is flying off the shelves because it allows you to combine three different shades in eight different combinations to achieve the ideal structured glow. The universally flattering place to apply highlighter is in a sweeping motion over your cheekbones. Depending on how much sun you are soaking in this season, you may want to adjust to a darker shade of the Venus 3 pallet. The more adventurous contours might attempt incorporating some highlighter on other features, but the cheekbones are a great place to start dusting on a bit of a summer glow.

Bold eye shadow is on point right now, with purple being one of the most popular colors of the season. You can find light and darker shades of purple in the Venus 3 pallet to experiment with this super fun trend. Purple is also a prime color right now for nail polish and even some hair coloring. You can easily transition from more lilac shades of purple during the work day to a stronger statement eye in the evening. It pairs nicely with bold eyeliner and flatters almost every eye color. Purple lipstick is also making quite the statement this season when paired with a complementary purple eye shadow shade. Lime Crime’s Blackberry PLUSHIES lipstick is a popular choice for rocking this combination because these bold shades will last through the day, even in heat and humidity.

When thinking about how to incorporate these bold trends into your spring and summer looks, don’t be afraid to make a bold style statement. Gone are the rigid beauty rules of restricting white to the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. You no longer have to stay confined to one bold color or highlighted feature to play by the prevailing beauty rules. This season is all about finding new, fun ways to express yourself with fresh colors and striking combinations. Adding a dusting of highlighter to any of the bold combinations that you embrace will help transition heavier colors that are more traditionally reserved for winter months to summer chic. Creating a sun kissed look while still exploring with a fun range of bright colors is the perfect way to stay on trend this season.

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