We are living in strange times at the moment but there are many signs of hope for our planet and reforestation charities are leading that positive change. There are numerous factors which are impacting climate change and a large part of the reason as to why the planet is warming up is down to our mass destruction of the rainforest. There are also many reasons why the rainforest is being destroyed, with the large percentage of that being for the meat industry. Hectares upon hectares of critical rainforest is being razed so that we can plant soy crops which will feed the animals, which are then slaughtered for human consumption. As many of you will know the rainforest is absolutely vital to maintaining balance on the earth and ensuring that carbon emissions are significantly reduced, and oxygen levels increased, this is why we need reforestation charities and here is what they are doing for the world.

The Basics

At the heart of this operation is of course the desire to plant new trees in place of those which have been torn down, and this is of course an investment in the future of the planet. In terms of boots on the ground, these charities are responsible for the raising of money and awareness, as well as the buying of seeds, the rounding up of volunteers and the planting of those trees, as well as the maintenance of them.


Now charities are not able to simply arrive on the scene and begin planting trees, although they all should have such an allowance, as a result there is much more work which these charities need to do on a deeper level. Many reforestation charities will work with governments and private organizations to both repopulate the rainforest and forest areas, and look at ways in which they can prevent these areas from being razed any further. This is absolutely critical to the success of the operations and as you can imagine, it takes a very long time and a lot of hard work for these charities to work with governments in order to bring their case forward. The donations which they bring often go towards legal fees and high level operational costs which seeks to ensure the buy-in of governments around the world.


Charities are also able to act as go-betweens fr various nations around the world and they often bring various key stakeholders to the table in order to ensure that there is common ground being found. if we look at the amazing tree wall which they are looking to build from East to West Africa, that has taken so much work between countries or don’t always come together for a common goal, but thanks to the work of some amazing reforestation charities they have been able to reach this landmark agreement.

These charities are doing some amazing work which looks set to help us rethink the way that we respect our forests.