career pivot

Are you happy in your career? Do you find yourself looking forward to work each day? Or maybe you find yourself dreading having to go into the office. Do you find that the job you have doesn’t bring about the same feelings of peace and joy that it once did? When people start to realize that they do not feel the same about their job as they did a few years ago, it could mean that it is time to move onto a new career. Those who are in a career that is considered lucrative often want to know what signs there are that means there should be a career change, as they may be okay in their position with the company that they are working with, but ultimately they are no longer happy.

You Feel Dread When Going into Work

Every morning when you are getting ready for work, you may feel a sense of dread. You may even start to get physically sick when you think about going to work. This is a huge sign! When your health starts to suffer because you hate where you work or what you are doing, then it is time to pivot your career. This may mean going to a new company for the same job, or getting out of the field altogether.

You Have Started to Have Doubt Creep Into Your Life

This is one sign that most people may not pay attention to. However, if you started in this field with confidence and positivity, then you start to feel the doubt creep in, it could be a sign that you are no longer meant for this career. For those who are trying to tough it out, they may find that eventually they lose everything that they once loved about their career, and this can lead to even greater levels of unhappiness. 

You Spend Your Day Day-dreaming

Do you find yourself day-dreaming more than normal? Or maybe you spend your time on  employee engagement software at the company just talking to others. In many cases, this is a sign that you are ready for a career change. You are no longer focused solely on your job and that is a sure fire way to show that you no longer have your head in the game. What are your daydreams about? This is one of the important things to ask. If your day dreams are about leaving this job and finding something else, then take stock in these day dreams and take steps to make them a reality!

You See this Career as a Dead End

If you have gone as far as you can go, then this could be leading to those feelings of discouragement that you have with the field that you are in. This can either be because the company has stopped advancing, perhaps digital transformation has failed over and over or the company has been on a hiring freeze. Or it can be that you’ve simply maxed out on growth at that company due to a slew of other factors. When you know that you can’t advance, that you are more likely never going to make more money or do something more, then you are stuck. If you feel stuck, then it is time to look elsewhere!

The Career Doesn’t Fit Your Life Now

Maybe when you started this career you were in a different place in life. Now, think about if this job fits your life. Maybe you need different hours, less hours per week in the office and more time that you can work from home. These are all considerations to make that could signal that it is time to find a new job or a completely new career. 

In the end, if you are not happy with the career that you have, then it is time to look for something else. You are not doing yourself any favors or your employers when you no longer have an interest in what you are doing!