Mind body psychology, according to Splankna, is understanding the impact of our thoughts on our physical being. However, that seems insufficient, particularly since Splankna takes a Christian approach in their work as well. They feel, therefore, that it should be called Mind-Body-Spirit psychology instead, taking into consideration the emotions and the thoughts of an individual. Interestingly, this has been supported by scientific evidence, demonstrating that people can affect their physical body by becoming spiritually aware and controlling their thoughts and emotions.

Splankna on Mind-Body-Spirit Psychology

The expression “it’s all in your head” is one that many people have heard of. The medical term to describe that is “psychosomatic”. What this means is that the things that go on inside your head have an impact on the physical. A clear example of that is stress, which is by and large a mind/spirit condition, but one that affects the physical body as well. People who feel stressed tend to have higher blood pressure, and they often have muscle pains because their bodies are frequently tense.

Then, there is fear. When someone is afraid, their blood pressure goes up, their sex drive disappears, their digestion stops, and they develop a weaker immune system. This is all confirmed through scientific research. It is now known that, when the body feels fear, it believes it is in danger and it therefore stops anything that isn’t 100% necessary (immune system, sex drive, and digestion), thereby ensuring enough energy is available for survival.

What Splankna believes, however, is that we now live in a near-constant state of fear. No longer is the greatest danger coming face to face with a saber tooth tiger, which triggers the fight or flight response in an appropriate manner. We are constantly afraid of losing our homes and our jobs, our security, our lifestyle, our friends and loved ones, even our lives. This is why Splankna feels it is so important to accept Christ as a central part of healing again. Doing so provides a type of calming agent. This means that, rather than imagining the worst based on a half-overhead rumor, you can move on and wait for the truth to come out as and when it comes out. It also means being ready, however. If there is a chance that you will lose your job within the next year or so, planning for that realistically by putting money aside is a fantastic way to further alleviate fear.

Science has demonstrated that people who regularly clam the mind, meditating on positive images and positive energy, notice a direct positive effect on their overall body. What Splankna aims to do is teach people how to manage their thoughts appropriately, thereby keeping more control over their emotions. They achieve this through spiritual practice, and this leads to the physical self responding in a healthier manner as well. Christian energy healing therapy has already benefited many people, who have been able to find a great deal of solace through it.