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There are lots of different types of nails available on the market today. However, most DIY enthusiasts and experts will agree that the best ones are the stainless steel nails, for a variety of different reasons. One of those is that they are so incredibly easy to manufacture. But the biggest reason is that they are a material that has superior strength, meaning it can keep various other materials, like two pieces of wood, together with ease.

Why Should You Use Stainless Steel Nails?

There are lots of reasons why you should use these types of nails over any other material, regardless of the size and type of nail you are considering. One of the key reasons is that they are corrosion resistant, which means you can safely use them outside as well. It does matter whether you’re using screws, staples, or nails, you will never have to deal with rust streaks or stains, or the nail snapping in half because of corrosion. However, these nails are suitable for many other things as well, above and beyond the fact that they are good for outdoor work.

Take, for instance, stainless steel staples, which are a type of nail. You need to find out which type of staple you should use for which type of function. For example, if you want to lay flooring, then you need to make sure that you have a nail with a long shaft (at least two inches) and a good crow (at least half an inch), as well. If, by contrast, your nail is going to be used for upholstery, then you need a much smaller shaft (a quarter of an inch) and a much smaller crown (three eights of an inch).

Stainless steel nails also come in a range of different gauges. A nail with a lower gauge has thicker metal, which in turn means it is more suitable for heavy duty application. If you want to use your nails to built furniture or to lay flooring, for instance, then you need something that is really strong. That is not to say that nails with a lower gauge are useless, however. A 22 gauge nail, for instance, is perfect for roofing felt, insulation, and upholstery. Essentially, it is about knowing what you need to use in different situations, so that you can find the thickness, length, and gauge of nail that is most suitable. But what is always true is that stainless steel is going to be more suitable than the vast majority of other materials.

Last but not least, consider the fact that stainless steel nails are a lot more user friendly. Stainless steel staples, for instance, are far easier to get into position than an iron or galvanized nail. No more need for hammers, since you can simply use a tacker or a staple gun instead. This also ensures that you protect your own fingers a lot more, since even the most proficient DIY expert knows what its like to hammer their own thumb.