Mykonos island is a unique summer destination, if you have been here before you already know that. But if this is your first journey to Mykonos, you must be well prepared and organize your whole trip in advance.

Find out as much as you can about what Mykonos has to offer. See photos, read comments from other visitors and search on the Internet about anything that looks interesting to you. Knowing the secrets of Mykonos will make your visit a mythical experience. Ignoring them can turn your vacations into a waste of time and money.

Schedule everything in advance

As with every travel destination, there are very nice places to visit in Mykonos island but there are also some not so good ones. Depending on your preferences and needs, you should pick up those that suit you best. For example if you are a party animal you should get bored spending a whole day on a virgin beach.

The first secret to an extremely pleasant journey to Mykonos is to gather information and organize as many details of your trip as possible. When you decide what places you want to visit, set up a schedule and book everything in time – accommodation, transportations, restaurants, VIP access to your favorite clubs, watersports. Especially if you are planning to visit Mykonos during the peak season, you may find out the hottest spots are already full or sold out. Mykonos island welcomes thousands of visitors each summer and the experienced ones always book in time.


Know your beaches

There are 3 types of beaches in Mykonos island: virgin, lounge and party beaches.

Virgin beaches have no or very little facilities and usually reaching them is not exactly easy. Some of them, like Korfos Beach, have strong winds blowing most of the time, as Mykonos is the island of winds. Some others, like Houlakia Beach, are covered with uncomfortable pebbles where you can’t enjoy your sunbath with only throwing a towel. But they all reward their visitors with their wild beauty and the serenity they offer.

Lounge beaches are organized or semi-organized beaches with golden sand, turquoise waters and few to many amenities and facilities. They all have bars and restaurants and sun beds and umbrellas for rent. They may get very crowded during the peak season, especially the ones that are closer to Chora Mykonos.

Party beaches attract the biggest crowds, especially during the evening or night. In the morning they look more like an organized lounge beach with sun beds, umbrellas and music coming from every bar. Early in the evening the music gets louder and faster and people start drinking and dancing. The beaches become a huge night club – until next morning.

Embrace the nightlife

Nightlife is almost a synonym to Mykonos island. Almost all visitors choose Mykonos for their summer vacations because of two things: the unique nightlife and the boundless luxury. From sunset till dawn, thousands of tourists are having fun, dancing and drinking – on the streets, at the bars or on party beaches.

The best areas to enjoy Mykonos nightlife are the party beaches of Paradise, Super Paradise and Psarou and some specific neighborhoods in Chora Mykonos, like Little Venice and Matogianni Square.


Indulge in the gastronomic flavors of the island

As Mykonos attracts many celebrities, VIPs, jet setters and bon viveurs from all over the world, gastronomy has become a very big issue here. Famous Greek and international Chefs with their teams spend their summer in Mykonos kitchens preparing their special dishes for their special guests. You will find gourmet restaurants, Asian, Peruvian, Indian and Japanese menus and long wine lists from every corner of the world.

For those who prefer traditional Greek food, there are a lot of good taverns and Greek gourmet restaurants. And for seafood lovers, delicious fresh fish and seafood is cooked and served in many different, imaginative ways.

Find your ideal accommodation

Choose your accommodation carefully, according to your needs. If you want a relaxing vacation, choose a resort or a villa in Mykonos so that you will have everything settled for you. If you like clubbing and enjoying the extraordinary Mykonos nightlife, pick up a hotel close to the center of Chora. Mykonos has to offer any type of accommodation – from simple bedrooms to palatial, lavish Mykonos villas.  And if you would like to share, now is the time to acquire your own villa, as the Real Estate in Mykonos is ideal during the past few years.


Choose your Transport

Mykonos island is full of beautiful places that are waiting for you to discover and enjoy. To be able to see as many as you can, you should choose your transport and book it in advance. You can rent a car or a bike, but if you plan to visit more isolated places with dirt roads choose a jeep.

But Mykonos has to offer some more luxurious ways to travel, like a limousine with a driver or a splendid yacht or speedboat. Lear Jets and Helicopters are also available for rent.