Being the best airlines is far more than getting passengers on aboard safe and sound at a timely manner these days–it’s all about plugging them into new experiences before arriving at their desired destinations.

There are plenty of good reasons why a passenger must at least book a first-class seat once in his life to experience the best of the best services offered by the most delicate airlines in the world.

Socializing in the air  

Emirates Airlines’ modern A380 On-board Lounges are decorated with a sleeker design, including bronze and wood grain accents as well as an ivory palette. When traveling alone, it’s sometimes a magical experience to mingle with other jet-setters at the backdrop of a calming LED mood lighting while holding a glass of champagne. At certain occasions, passengers are surrounded by the 55-inch LCD TV screen with sheer happiness shared by other companions in the air.

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Flourishing new ideas during me-time

Not everyone is talkative whilst flying 40,000 feet above the sky. If this is the case, flying in First Class Private Suite in Emirates’ A380 and Boeing 777s are the best options to make most of the time for personal pleasures. The private seat can be converted into a fully flat bed with a mattress if in need. A personal vanity table and mirror assist the passenger to kick start a new day ahead.

Dreaming in the air

For an overnight flight of Emirates, Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology is used to take care of passengers’ skin as the world’s first moisturizing sleepwear in the air. With sheep-skin like blankets and new sets of pajamas, passengers have the best conditions of sleeping as they are covered with the fabric that releases nutrient rich sea kelp to present dehydration and simulating circulation.

Savoring the moments with gourmets

Served by the well-groomed Emirates cabin crew, a world-wide collection of regional dishes are presented whenever passengers want, ranging from lavish à la carte to delicious midnight snack. It wouldn’t be a surprise to have Royal Doulton bone china plates with exceptional Robert Welch tableware as fine dining on the plane.

Showering like a King

Being a first-class passenger also means having access to the best facilitates one can’t imagine. In Emirates’ A380, it’s possible to take a refreshing shower with a selection of Bvlgari toiletries and signature Timeless Spa products. After pampering with freshness, detoxifying juices are provided to prepare for getting on board.

Luxurious treatment with skincare products

In both Shower Spa and First Class washrooms, a plethora of skincare products including conditioner, hand cream, moisturizer and cleanser with different fragrances are provided to give out Ireland’s full therapeutic power with organic, hand-picked seaweed. Fragrances of the products include rosemary and mint, lavender and rosemary, as well as lime and mandarin.

The smoothest journey

Taking the best airlines in the world implies a lot more than just in-flight experiences. Complimentary Chauffeur-drive service, exclusive lounges and fast-track immigration check are provided by the Emirates Airlines to ensure a seamless start from the moment the passenger leaves his door to his first step taking into the flight.

To get the first-class experience is like holding the best passport in the world. One can only travel without extra efforts if this first-class service is offered by Emirates Airlines, probably the fanciest airlines anyone can dream of.