Offices Across Thailand

In Thailand, the virtual office can be of great help, especially for businesses and entrepreneurs who are not familiar with the country’s terrain. The commercial real estate scene is a beast in which foreign business interests and residents, alike, have to be well-versed in real estate law to gain the advantage in getting great office space. The virtual office, however, presents businesses with the opportunity to skip the exhausting search for adequate office space by providing a pared-down version of office space that exists primarily online.

There are typically two standard virtual office suites you might find around the world. One office suite is supported through software that provides businesses with various apps that can help them with tasks such as bookkeeping and generating reports, among a few applications. The other is a standard one offered through the serviced office, which provides businesses with internet support and access to office space. Servcorp provides a similar place in which businesses can choose from 3 premium virtual office locations across Thailand.

Let’s take a closer look at where else the best of Thailand’s virtual offices can be rented.  


As one of the country’s major cities, Bangkok is a major player in the Thai economy and has a very bustling business community. With flexible working space of all types redefining the landscape, businesses have more opportunities to choose from space that can meet their needs, and in a city also marked by high rents, can alleviate the costs to rent space. The virtual office in Bangkok can fit your business out with a professional online/onsite office suite and makes getting started with doing business in the city that bit easier.  

Premium Examples

Of the few buildings that offer the virtual office in Bangkok, Centralworld has to provide businesses with a very class virtual office fit out. The building itself is a state-of-the-art, 45-storey high office space that sits in the middle of the country’s CBD. From its upper storeys, a person can take in panoramic views of the city, but it also contains a 5-star hotel and other prominent businesses.

Then, the Park Ventures Ecoplex, which is a smaller building with only 34 storeys, has an impressive list of occupants. Google and Cartier call this building home, in addition to other law firms and prominent businesses. This building is considered to be one of Bangkok’s iconic landmarks and another great in the city’s CBD. 

Other Cities

While Bangkok is the country’s capital, there other contenders where businesses might actually benefit from a population that actually supports many industries. Nonthaburi, another major metropolis in the making, is home to about 270,000 residents. The city, before this incarnation, was a fishing village that has evolved to be a more comfortable version of Bangkok. Described as a more comfortable version of the capital city and conveniently located only 20kms from Bangkok, it has a few larger providers that offer the virtual office.

Nakhon Ratchasima is also another major area for business. Marked by a thriving retail industry and chain stores, this area’s business population is also supported by a few virtual offices that can give you both basic and supped up internet support and access to office space. The city’s population is close to nearing the 180,000 mark, so businesses should do well in an environment supported by a robust economy. Ultimately, while these are just a few of the places businesses might look for virtual offices, there are others in around the country. 

Finding Virtual Space

Thailand is home to a number of places where the virtual office can be supported. However, one of the best ways to find virtual space to work is to keep a few factors in mind, including your industry and the types of activities you will need to do as a part of your business. Finding virtual space in Thailand’s diverse business landscape is possible but your best finds are going to be closest to industry.