For many years I have been trying all kinds of treatments, creams and serums to improve the quality my skin. As the years roll on, I am very aware of how important it is to keep my skin in great shape so that as I grow older, my skin doesn’t show just how old I am!

Throughout the years I have tried all manner of different ways to get healthier looking skin and after so many failures, I believe that I now have the perfect combination of ways to ensure that me skin looks great. If you too want younger looking skin, here is how I go about my skincare.

Follow these 3 tips and get instantly better skin.

Healthy Diet

The first place to start with your skincare is to look at your diet and what exactly you are putting into your body. A healthy diet is not just good for getting your body in shape, it can also greatly help the health of your skin. One of the most surprising things for me when I started a health kick a few years ago, a lifestyle which I still live, was the drastic improvement of my skin, and how healthy it looked. When you cut out fatty foods, your skin instantly appears less greasy, adding plenty of water to your site can massively help you hydrate your skin which allows it to repair itself and rejuvenate the way that it looks and feels.


Getting the right skincare product is not easy and I have tried pretty much every product under the sun. Thankfully I found the Luminescence range by Jeunesse which has entirely transformed my skin. I would recommend the Jeuenesse products to everyone, they are well priced, use almost entirely natural ingredients and have had a profound positive effect on my skin. Even if you don’t choose to take my advice, what I would say is that you should find a skin care product that works for you, and stick with it for healthier skin.


If you really want healthier looking skin, applying creams or products once every couple of days simply isn’t enough and you must have a daily routine to ensure that your skin always looks great. Personally I think that the best time to do this is just before bed and each night I spend around 30 minutes before I sleep, washing my face, toning and moisturising and the effects have been wonderful. The reason why I do this on an evening is because I can allow my skin to rest and recuperate whilst I sleep, away from any toxins or pollution which the air can cause. Another reason why I think that the nighttime is the best time of the day to do this, is because daily life can really take its toll on your skin and that means that if you follow your routine in the morning, your skin may not have time to ingest the products, before it needs to face weather and contaminants that it faces during the day.