What to Look for in The Best Loft Ladder

There are many people who have decided to use the space that they have in their loft and to convert it into something which they can use as additional living space. When people do this they really enjoy getting creative with the loft space and look to turn it into something exciting for the home. Some will look to create a little hideaway, others turn it into a planetarium and some look to simply add a new bedroom at the top of the home, increasing its capacity.

No matter what kind of loft renovation you opt for however there is one thing that you will need and that is a great set of loft ladders. Now these ladders come in all shapes and sizes, so what is it that you should be looking for in the best loft ladder? Let’s take a look.

Stowed Away Or Outside

The decision as to whether your loft ladders should be stowed away or be on constant show will very much depend on the amount of space that you have below the loft entrance. Most of us are not blessed with a great deal of space here and that is why the stowed option works so well. Should you buy a stowed away ladder this will usually be one which collapses neatly into the hatch in the ceiling. As you pull the hatch out, the ladders will reveal themselves. If however you do have space then you can invest in non-removable and study ladders which ensure that the loft is always open for business.

Getting Creative

Some people have decided to get creative with their loft ladders and have decided to use a rope ladder to get up and down. Naturally this is a big hit with the kids and it certainly helps to create the illusion of a secret hideout. If you do go for this option then be sure to invest some good money into some really sturdy rope ladders which won’t swing all over the place as you begin to climb. Some people who try and do this in a DIY style very quickly discover that it just isn’t safe enough to keep for a long time.


Generally speaking the best loft ladders are made from timber. You can get metal loft ladders but they don’t always look great, they can be clunky and the aesthetic isn’t that great either. Timber is more pliable and you can create some really attractive looks if you go for a custom made timber loft ladder.

High Quality

Unlike stairs loft ladders are far more vertical and that means that each rung and the handrail is going to be receiving a lot more pressure on it. This is why you should always ensure that you have invested in some high quality and well made material which is going to be able to stand the test of time, and the amount of weight which is placed on it.

This is what to consider when buying a new loft ladder.