If you want to find success in any area of your life be it work, personal or even in things such as sports, patience is the ultimate key. I am fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time surrounded by successful people, CEOs such as the inspiration Marc Leder of Sun Capital Partners and many other great men and women just like them, and the keys to their success are always hot topics of conversation. One particular quality which always arises when we are talking about the successes which people have had, is that of patience and here is exactly why you need to remain patient in your pursuit of success.

Life is Long

Working on average probabilities, you could live as long as 70 years, if not more, meaning that you have a great deal of time in your life to achieve the success which you set out for. Naturally if you are seeking sporting success, your physical peak will be at a younger age, but in terms of business success, this is a very long road and observing patience will help you to achieve what you are looking for. Rushing things in the beginning and trying to find a recipe for instant success will usually leave you coming up short, stay patient, and you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.

Experience Over Desire

The longer you wait for your success, the more time that you will have to assess, work, learn, make mistakes and ultimately gain a wider understanding for how to go about the success that you are looking for. Youthful desire is one thing but if it is used without solid knowledge, it becomes something negative rather than positive.

Waning Dedication

If you continuously expect quick success, and you are continuously failing in achieving this, it can be very easy to get disheartened and give up. Throughout history there have been thousands of people who had the chance to make a success of themselves but when that success didn’t come they gave up, it is vital that you do not fall into this category. If you reserve patience and success does come quickly, then this is a bonus, if it doesn’t, you will be ready for the waiting game.


Being patient is not about doing nothing, it is about not expecting results right away and whilst you are observing patience, you should be slowly building and growing towards your eventual success. Very often you will hear the words ‘overnight success’ in truth this is never the case at all and the people who have this comment attributed to them, will have been working tirelessly for many, many years to get to where they have found themselves. Don’t ever think that someone has become an instant sensation, you may have only just heard of them, but they have been hustling for years.

Stay patience, build and grow and success will come.