San Francisco is a youthful town that has plenty of action going on every night of the week. There are places to socialize over drinks, clubs where the hottest DJs play, and joints where the music keeps going on until the wee hours of the morning. Some clubs have theme nights, while others aren’t concerned with their appearance in their quest to deliver the best music everyone’s listening to. Following are three places you can get your boogie on while staying in San Francisco.


Delirium’s tagline is “service for the sick.” It’s an in-your-face, no-frills dive bar that doesn’t try to be anything other than a place to drink and listen to music. The flooring is red and black linoleum, and there are pool tables, arcade games, and decor that looks like it was painted by a street artist just starting out their career. But the bar is stocked with booze both cheap and expensive, the beer on tap ranges from common to indie, and there’s a room in back where DJs spin. Theme nights are a regular thing where music from specific eras is played. Check their Facebook page for more specials.

Public Works

Many feel that this is the best club in town with its friendly and fast bartenders, multi-floor layout, and affordable drinks. The sound system is top notch so you won’t miss a note of whatever’s blasting at that moment. The industrial decor gives the place a bit of a gritty vibe and keeps it from being pretentious. There’s a cover charge of $5 for regular nights when no special events are being hosted. When there is an event, such as a guest DJ from out of town, the cover charge goes up. You can check the events page of the website to find out the cover charge in advance.

Public Works is located in the Mission district as are many of the popular nightclubs. You’ll want to book a hotel in or near the district for easy access to Public Works and more.

Bimbo’s 365 Club

Bimbo’s is one of the oldest clubs in San Francisco with a founding year of 1931. It’s an Art Deco beauty that has survived through the last eight decades without much change. You’ll feel like you’re part of a movie set of the same era when you step foot into the club and make your way to one of the tables near the dance floor.

Nowadays, Bimbo’s hosts live rock and jazz shows, and tickets are affordably priced. The occasional big-name performer comes to Bimbo’s for a set or two, but a majority of the bands are solid acts that haven’t made it big yet.

These are some of the clubs to check out while in San Francisco, but there are many more to visit if you’d like to check out how they make their stamp on the fabric of the town. You’ll go home while leaving your heart in the clubs of San Francisco.