Hire a Chartered Bus in Atlanta

Exploring the city of Atlanta is something should be on every traveller’s bucket list. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it would be your scene, but trust us when we tell you that Atlanta will blow your expectations out of the water. No matter if you want fun nightlife, 5-star restaurants, historical site seeing or natural surroundings you’ll find it here.

The best way to travel through the city for groups is to hire a chartered bus in Atlanta. With so many transportation options these days maybe you don’t see a charter bus as a necessity. You’ll disagree as soon as you board the bus and make your way through the city. Here are just a few reasons to hire a chartered bus for your Atlanta tour.

It offers no-nonsense rentals

Most of the shuttle and charter bus services in Atlanta are extremely easy to book with. You just need to provide your group number and travel plans and they will take care of the rest. Even if you’re group is as many as 50 people the rental process is easy and getting from point A to point B could not be simpler.

A charter bus can hold up to 57 passengers

Group travel is what you make it; it can either feel exhausting and stressful or fun and laid back. A charter bus eases the stresses that come along with group travel, even if you have 56 other people in your group. The larger buses hold a maximum of 57 people which makes chartered bus rentals convenient for large corporate events and special occasions.

Must bus services offer luxury features like onboard WiFi

You’d be surprised by the sophistication and class found on a chartered bus. This really depends on the model of the bus and how it has been treated over the years, but the most reputable shuttle services will ensure that your trip is done in luxury.

You don’t have to worry about constant bathroom breaks for the 57 passengers since there is a clean restroom right on board. The top companies offer onboard Wifi, refreshments like water and soda, and entertainment options like personal DVD screens and LCD TV screens.

It is a more efficient way of group travel

No matter if you’re group is 10, 20 or 50 people group travel can get complicated. Making stops for bathroom breaks and food needs can drastically slow things down and involves some organization.

With a bus you won’t have to worry about organizing the trip since it has been done for you by the shuttle company. Travelling on a bus is also faster, more efficient and can even be more eco-friendly than taking 10+ cars or flying with an airline.

You bus driver will have complete knowledge of the city

This is especially important when travelling through Atlanta. Trying to navigate in an unknown city is never easy, but this is made even more true when you have a large group. The driver that is assigned to your best will know the best routes and also have a good knowledge of traffic patterns.