Cyber security is one of the top priorities for so many of the world’s businesses in the modern age as companies continue to move forward with higher level software, online options and computer systems to allow them to increase their productivity and efficiency. The more networks and systems that are used, the more susceptible these companies can become to cybercriminals. Cybercrime is expensive and it is very damaging for a business which is why they rely so heavily on having the very best cyber security. Bharat Bhise HNA is a cybersecurity expert with many years of experience in the industry, and we caught up with him recently to discuss one method by which companies are looking to make sure that they are bulletproof, ethical hacking.

What on Earth is Ethical Hacking?

Whilst we know that hacking is the method by which cybercriminals use to infiltrate a system, ethical hacking is kind of like using the criminals tools against them. What happens here is that cyber security companies, and some other private companies, will pay these ethical hackers to try and break into their systems, in order to test whether or not there are any holes or weak spots in it. Basically it is like paying a bank robber to try and crack your new safe, essentially using the experts for good.

Why Is It Necessary?

The world of cybersecurity and hacking is like a game of cat and mouse that never ends, cybersecurity companies create new security software, throwing down the gauntlet to hackers who then find a way in, the company updates or recreates the software and the cycle begins again. When they have ethical hackers on board however, they are getting themselves one step ahead of the game, and any breaches which are made can be quickly repaired and updated.

The Benefits

Not only can ethical hackers help companies to identify how good their cybersecurity software is, the biggest benefit is that if they do find holes or flaws, there will be no loss of information, no ruined reputation and no mammoth cost to have the thing repaired. In the past these businesses would only know that there were flaws in their system when it was too late, which of course came at great cost, and often great embarrassment.

Who Does It?

Most of the ethical hackers who are working for businesses have come from a history of hacking as a hobby, who wish to use their skills in a more lawful way. There are some cases where ex-criminals who have been caught, are given a chance to redeem themselves and repay a debt to society by doing this as a job. Having those who have been caught hacking are often the best people to test out these systems.

As you can see, hacking at times can be ethical and it provides a great service to many cyber security businesses around the world.