With each year that passes we make new and novel discoveries in technology which greatly helps to advance medical examinations and treatments and the 3D mammogram is the perfect example of that. The medical world is always the first to receive the tech which is being created and it was clear that as soon as we had 3D imaging software that its uses could be extended to the examination of breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer is the perfect example of the need for early diagnosis, because of the advancements which we have made, those who are diagnosed with breast cancer in the early stages have a 98% survival rate, a truly incredible figure for a disease which has claimed so many lives. This is why technology such as a 3D mammogram has been so important and here are the benefits which it is able to offer to patients.

Early Diagnosis

Very often the reason that smaller groups of cancerous cells go undiscovered is because of the relatively primitive technology which we have used for some time, primitive that is in comparison to the 3D imaging technology. Another challenge which oncologists have had is missing cancer in young women who’s breasts are much denser in form, and that has often lead to the missing of collections of cancer cells. This technology enables doctors to gain a far greater view of the breast and the tissue which leads to earlier diagnosis, and higher rates of survival.

Saving Time, Money and Discomfort

The large majority of insurance companies will cover the costs associated with a 3D mammogram which helps patients to save money, beyond there is also the ability to save time and discomfort. The procedure is non-invasive and requires the use of far less radiation, which of course means less discomfort for the patient. Furthermore because of the accuracy of the technology, patients do not have to go back and forth to the clinic to receive follow up testing, results are almost always clearly visible from the first mammogram.

Calling Back

 It has also been found that this technology means that patients receive much fewer call backs than those do who have the 2D mammogram, and that is not only great logistically in terms of time and money, but it can also greatly help to lower stress. Most of the call backs that the 2D patients have is because something may have been spotted earlier on and the doctor wants to do a follow up to make sure that things haven’t advanced. In the case of the 3D scan however it is far more conclusive and that means that doctors can gain a full picture of what is going on beneath the skin, and allay any fears that something may manifest itself at a later date.

Simply put this is the best way for women and men to get a mammogram as it gives a more accurate picture of what is happening, and can greatly help in so many ways thanks to its accuracy.