Choose the Best Outplacement Agency

Investing in outplacement services for your employees is becoming the norm among large businesses around the world. Outplacement is a service that is provided to your workers who have been recently terminated and need assistance in finding their next job.

As a company owner this is something that you should be willing to do in order to ensure that your employees get continuous paychecks, even in the event that you need to fire them. When searching for the best outplacement agency there are tons of things to consider.

Every outplacement agency is different and some are much more successful than others. Thinking about investing in outplacement? Keep reading to learn how to choose the proper outplacement agency for your employees.

Find an agency that offers a variety of services

Some outplacement agencies only specialize in building resumes. Although this is a necessary service it should not be the only focus. There are tons of factors involved in the job search and a quality resume is just one of these factors. You also need to consider things like interview coaching, modern-day job search coaching and career transition support.

Here are a few of the top services provided by the best outplacement agencies of 2019:

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Interview coaching and mock interview sessions
  • Resume and supporting document development
  • LinkedIn profile updating
  • Career planning sessions
  • At least 30 days of continuous support from job-search professionals

Try not to be stingy

Outplacement can be a huge cost and it might be the thing that turns you off from taking the leap into investing. There are several price points depending on the size and nature of your company. If you truly care about the well-being of your employees – even after they have been terminated – you can’t be stingy on outplacement.

On average outplacement will cost about $1,000 per employee you wish to cover. But as a company owner it is your responsibility not to leave your loyal workers high and dry after they have been terminated.

Individual attention from outplacement professionals is key

The most affordable outplacement programs won’t offer as many services and they won’t provide individualized attention. Instead the sessions will be done in group sessions; this is much less effective than professional sitting down one-on-one with each individual. Spend a bit more money for more individualized attention for your employees; there will be much greater success.

Look for one that has proven success

There is no point in making the investment if the outplacement agency does not have a high success rates. One of your top considerations for choosing the right one is the success they have had in finding employment for clients. Look for a company that has positive reviews and feedback and has been known to get the job done.

Career counseling should be an added bonus

In addition to resume building and interview coaching an outplacement professional should provide individual career counseling. Maybe after your employee has been fired he or she is unsure of which professional path to take going forward. Outplacement agencies can help with that.