We tend to assume that high performing businesses are tightly regimented and rigorously controlled. We think of departments being run like clockwork, with every employee hitting KPIs and making moves that send sales figures through the roof. There are standard procedures for everything and a fine line between failure and success.

Fortunately, the reality is quite different, particularly now that technology has lessened logistical and administrative burdens. Today, we see iconic companies like Google and Microsoft championing open-plan offices, flexible schedules, and pool tables in the break room. It’s all part of a cultural shift towards better, fairer conditions for workers.

It is a trend that’s growing in popularity among New Zealand businesses, as employers look for ways to boost productivity.

Invest in the Work Environment

The best way to show employees you value their effort is to give them somewhere wonderful to work. With Servcorp office space, it’s easy to find an environment that fits the team and not the other way around. Take serviced offices, for example. They come fully furnished and decorated so that no time is wasted during the transitional period.

Serviced vendors in New Zealand have access to some of the finest materials in the world. This is not your average office space. The suites are kitted in luxury leathers and soft fabrics, in order to instil a sense of pride and passion. We know that productivity correlates with how employees feel at work, so give them the best.

Make It Easy to Be Employed

Similarly, when picking office locations, think about things like transport links, distance to amenities, parking spaces, and other practical details. If you want to get the best performance out of your team, make it easy for them to provide it. The goal should be to eliminate as many trivial concerns as possible so that everybody can focus on what matters.

It’s also worth noting that flexibility and personalisation are big assets. Gone are the days when employee satisfaction ended at the office door. Invest in resources that make people happy. For instance, if you can’t get a lease within walking distance of cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets, pick a building with its own canteen.

Give a Little Breathing Room

One change that continues to enhance and diversify corporate culture is the adoption of remote routines. Every year, more businesses in Auckland and Wellington embrace the benefits of distance work. It increases efficiency, boosts skillsets, and saves companies money. It turns out that employees work better when given more freedom.

You don’t have to send all of your workers home to experiment with remote routines. Sometimes, it’s as simple as giving a little breathing room when employees have family or personal issues that make it hard to be at the office. Instead of being the uncompromising boss, you can be empathetic and let some people, sometimes, complete tasks from home.

Why Productivity Starts with Employee Satisfaction

There are, of course, lots of ways to boost business productivity. Technology plays a big role, as scheduling and automation tools speed up tasks and reduce operational errors. Investment in staff training is an effective way to increase efficiency, particularly in the long term. The point is that there’s more than one answer.

However, if employees aren’t comfortable at work, none of these methods will be successful. Invest in your workers and the business will flourish. This means providing a high-quality office space, with state of the art software, and strong links to the local community. When you’re lucky enough to run a business in beautiful New Zealand, there’s no excuse not to have a happy, committed workforce.