Something which I have struggled with a lot over the last few months has been a massive drop in my energy levels throughout the day, which has been having an impact on both my professional and my personal life. Eventually I went to seethe wonderful Margaret L Salmon MD, who has been my physician for a number of years. Margaret was so incredibly helpful and offered me a number of reasons why my levels have been so low. Thanks to Margaret my energy levels are now back to normal, after a process of elimination as to what the problem could be. If you are feeling low energy levels then here are some of the issue which may be causing it.


Believe it or not the weather can make a huge difference to your mood and when the cold weather and the shorter days draw in, you can be completely depleted of energy. This is known as SAD which means seasonal affective disorder and it affects many people. To remedy this you need to get as much sunshine and natural light as you can, and you can also buy a light box for your home which replicates natural light to improve brain activity.

Water Intake

We all know that we should be drinking plenty of water but in truth how many of us meet our daily requirements? I believe that this was the issue which affected me and my dehydration meant that I had low levels of energy during the day. When you don’t take on enough water your body has to work harder than it should and this can leave us drained and severely lacking energy. The remedy is very simple, ensure that you are drinking between 3-4 liters of water each day.


Sleeping is your body’s time to repair cells, digest information and perform a vital reset. If you don’t get enough high quality sleep then this is going to have a damaging effect on your overall energy levels. You may think that you are getting enough hours of sleep but if that is not high quality sleep then you will continue to have problems. Avoid using your phone before bed, make sure the room is completely dark and avoid eating or drinking anything but water in the hours before sleeping to get that high quality REM sleep that will give you more energy.


In the case of many it is their diet which is causing them to struggle with their energy levels. If you have a diet which includes taking on a lot of carbs and sugars or greasy foods, then you body has to work very hard to break it all down and the result of that is a significant drop in your energy levels. Put the right foods into your body and you will get the right results from your body when it comes to your energy levels.

Give these a try and see if you can improve your overall levels of energy.