If you ask most students who are just about to embark on their career then you will find that a great many of them will tell you that they want to be an entrepreneur. This is a very fashionable career choice at the moment, spawned thanks to the rise in internet millionaires and the fact that it is easier than ever to start your own business. Misha Kaura is a perfect example of someone who knew what she wanted and went after it, and she mapped it out from the beginning with 5 simple steps. Hard work is required to make this a viable career, and these are the 5 steps that Misha followed.

Step One – Education

The first step to becoming an entrepreneur is your business education. You can study business at college if you so wish, or you can learn by joining a business and learning all that there is to know about it. You have to create a solid foundation for your future and this first step is the way to do it, get educated and absorb everything that you can about the running of a business.

Step Two – Leadership

At the root of every great entrepreneur is a great leader and this is the time that you should be investing into improving your leadership skills. Even if you are not a natural born leader you can still learn the skills which you need to be one.

Step Three – Identify Your Market

Most entrepreneurs can use their business skills in any kind of industry but the first stage of that is learning about your own. Once you have an idea for a product or a business, you should be wholeheartedly dedicated to learning everything that there is to know about it. You should be looking at the market, customer trends and how you and your business will fit into it.

Step Four – Money

Not only are you going to need to raise funds for your business, you also need a deep understanding of the important role that finance plays in business. Focus your time and your efforts to learning about the importance of cash flow, income and expenditure, risk, pricing and investment. The more that you know about money, the better chance you will have of success in this career.

Step Five – Diving In

Much like driving a car, you never really learn how to drive until you pass your test and you get out there into the world. Once you have done your homework and built a foundation, you have to just bite the bullet and launch your business or your product. You will make mistakes and you have to learn from those as you go, but you will never be able to do that if you delay your launch. There is no perfect time to get into business, you have to just give it a try and see how you get on. If you fail, then go back to the drawing board and start again, that is what the best entrepreneurs do.