Professional Piano Removalists in Melbourne 

Moving a piano can be difficult and awkard to manovure, hiring a professional Piano removalist  is advised. Pianos are expensive, oversized and precious items that your family treasures dearly. Transporting a piano to a different location requires expertise and care. You will need to engage the professional services of piano movers in Melbourne, who are skilled and equipped to move your piano safely. Through, you can easily find the best piano removalists in Melbourne. 

Hiring a Piano Removalist who understands the methods to pack it, wrap it and move it, ensuring that it remains protected during transportation is critical. 

It is also advised to measure the new location for where the piano will be going to ensure a smooth transition to the new location, you will need to consider any stairs, lifts, door ways that maybe onsite. The removalist will often use a ramp or hydraulic lift for transportation, tape and furniture blankets will also be used for protection. The size and access to the property will determine how many people are required to move a piano. 

Knowing the weight of the paino is important to ensure  the right paino trolley is used.

What weight is my Paino?

  • Upright Piano (weight 140kgs – 230kgs)
  • Baby Grand Piano (weight 230kgs – 300kgs)
  • Grand Piano (weight 320kgs – 635kgs)

 Laying the paino down on its side is often done to ensure access out of doorways, it is important this is done correctly with tape, thick blankets and shrink wrap to avoid any scratches or damaage. The music shelf and music deck above the keys can be removed also using a screwdriver. Removing the piano lyre which are the legs that are attached to the foot pedals can also be unscrewed. When loading the Piano onto the truck it is often placed against one of the back truck walls with rachet straps to avoid any movement.

Equipment for moving a Piano:

  • Packing Tape
  • Thick removals blankets
  • Quality Ratchet Straps (to secure to the truck while in transport)
  • Moving straps and shoulder harness
  • Piano Trolly

Once you know the planned route you will take when moving the piano, it is important there are no objects in the way and doors are open with door stops where possible.

It is important that on arrival at your new location the piano is reassembled to its original state and you may require a professional tuner to get your piano back to its perfect sound. Ensuring  piano Removlaists are registered and insured with protective insurance coverage is critcal to claim for repair or damages in the case of an unexpected incident during the move. 

Hiring professional piano movers in Melbourne will esnure your piano is moved in the most conventient and trustworthy way.

What are the cost factors for moving a paino?

  • It depends on the size of the piano (Upright, Baby Grand or Grand Piano)
  • The type of access to the paino
  • Are there stairs?
  • The location and distance the paino needs to be transprted
  • The hourly removalist rate or the day you are moving can affect price
  • Are there accessories that need to be moved with the piano?
  • The number of people to move the paino
  • The size of the truck to move the piano
  • Insurance
  • Piano Tuning

An example estimate of costs to move a piano is as follows:

Each piano will cost a different amount to transport. An upright piano is smaller and easier to move than a grand piano. Two removalists are required to move an upright piano, whereas a grand piano will need at least three movers. A cost guide for moving an upright piano will typically fall between $200 and $400, and to move a grand piano could cost more than $600. Contacting professional removlaists like EzzyQuotes can assist you in providing comprehensive cost information

Top Tips Piano Removals:

  • Obtain comparative and competivie quotes
  • Ensure your removalists is highly professional with credible testimonials
  • Make sure your removlaist has the correct equipment and transportation
  • Make a copy of the Removalists insurance policy for the transportation and goods
  • Ensure re assmbly of the Piano is included in your quote
  • Consider Piano Storage should you be in between moves

EzzyQuotes are committed to providing comprehensive and competitive piano removal quotes from registered piano movers in Melbourne so you can compare and choose the best piano removalists services. Ezzy Quotes also allow  you to review and rate the piano movers offered. 

Give ezzyQuotes a try and submit a quote to find professional and cheap piano movers in Melbourne. Simply provide your details for your move, and Piano removalists will get back with competitive quotes ASAP.