The Best Way to Save Money at Hobby Lobby

In a time when a pandemic forced us all inside, focusing on hobbies helped bolster our spirits. According to People, two out of every three Americans stated that the pandemic allowed them more time to enjoy and delve deeper into hobbies. 

Whether your creative side is bursting at the seam to make something new or you are already creating things regularly, Hobby Lobby has it all. From baking to sewing, home decorating to knitting and crocheting, there is no limit to the creative outlets that Hobby Lobby can offer. But often, there is a limit to the amount of money your wallet will allow you to spend. 

Yet there is absolutely no need to feel discouraged because this article will lay out the best ways to reward yourself and save more money at Hobby Lobby. It is time for your creative side to burst with Pinterest-worthy creations that won’t leave your wallet empty!

Know What You Want

Hobby Lobby prides itself on offering its customers a wide variety of products. Its website claims that the stores house over 70,000 different items to help fuel your creativity!

It can sometimes feel overwhelming to walk into a Hobby Lobby if you do not have a plan in mind. Make yourself a game plan to avoid feeling overwhelmed and risk spending more money than you intended. 

One of the best ways to make a plan is by taking advantage of the Hobby Lobby weekly ad. Looking at the Hobby Lobby weekly ad will help you make informed decisions on where the best deals are in the store. The weekly ad will also provide information about getting a Hobby Lobby coupon and free shipping.

The perks of the Hobby Lobby weekly ad include:

  • It is only a page long, making it a short read.
  • It gives you all the information on great deals.
  • It changes weekly.

If what you want is not on sale this week, wait until next week since the deals rotate around week by week. 

Saving Money Online

Thanks to the COVID pandemic, shopping online and bolstering new hobbies has never been more popular. 

If you plan to shop online at Hobby Lobby, be sure to take advantage of their weekly deals. Using a website such as will help provide you with all of your deal-finding needs in one easy place. 

SlickDeals searches for all the best deals and houses them on their website, helping you gain access to all of the great sales and coupons available. You can access a Hobby Lobby coupon and free shipping when you shop online using their website. Free shipping is available right now on any order over $50, so be sure to utilize this helpful tool!

All you have to do is go to their website and click on any deals they advertise. Their website will open an extra tab to show you all the great deals. You can even subscribe to Hobby Lobby deal alerts on SlickDeals to be sure you never miss another fantastic deal.