If you are trying to conceive and you have been referred to a fertility clinic, you have to understand what the financial impact of this will be. Some people go to fertility clinics because they have fertility issues, in which case their insurance carrier may cover some of the cost. Others, however, look for New York gender selection, which is something you will have to pay for yourself. One of the big questions to ask, as well, is whether that cost is worth it.

The Cost of New York Gender Selection

If you want to pay for gender selection, you can expect a price tag of between $3,000 and $5,000. For some people, that price is one they are more than willing to pay. The way gender selection works is through a process known as PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis). This process has been designed for parents who are carriers of certain genetic disorders and want to avoid passing it on to their children. It is an important medical procedure, therefore, and one that can greatly improve overall quality of life, which means that the associated cost is actually quite reasonable. While it is true that PGD can also be used because people simply have a personal preference for gender, that is not its original concept.

Naturally, just because something is worth it does not necessarily mean that you can afford it either. It is likely that someone who wants to complete PGD is also in the process of different types of fertility treatments and processes. This means that PGD is an added expense that they may not be able to afford. And if there is no medical reason why they should determine the gender of their child, then perhaps it isn’t the best option. That being said, some fertility clinics do now offer financing options as well.

Most types of fertility treatment are not covered by insurance carriers. IVF (in vitro fertilization) is an exception to this, although most carriers will only cover one round in a certain time period. It is likely, therefore, that you will have to shoulder the cost of PGD fully yourself, which can be a significant burden. PGD determines the gender of an embryo. The ensuing pregnancy, however, is completely through IVF. The success rate of IVF is good, but most people do have to go through several rounds before they are pregnant. Hence, there is a possibility that you will have to pay for multiple rounds of PGD (and IVF) before being successful.

You must be realistic about what the procedure entails, how much it costs, and how likely it is to succeed. While it is good to get your hopes up, because hope is a powerful and positive emotion, the reality is also that many first attempts fail. If you then cannot afford to have a subsequent attempt, you may be completely devastated as a result. That said, counseling is generally offered to those considering this type of procedure first.