Before you jump online and search for ‘vasectomy near me’ it is essential that you have considered all angles of this and that you are 100% sure about this decision. There is nothing wrong with having a vasectomy of course, but you should definitely look to make sure that you have thought through every aspect of it and that you have armed yourself with the information that you ned before you go through with this procedure.

There are thousands of men each and every year who will go through a vasectomy which results in the halting of production of sperm, thus ensuing that no more children will be had if he has unprotected sec. There are also multiple reasons why a man may wish to have a vasectomy, and each individual case is usually different from the last, and from the next. If you are on the verge of taking the plunge, as it were, then here are some key things to consider.

Speaking at Length With Your Partner

Although this could very much be considered a personal decision that you are making about your own body, there is still every reason that this is something which you have discussed at length with your partner, as it relates to you both. If you have decided that you no longer want children but your spouse would like to, then you will have to have some deep conversations in order to clear things up.

The Reversal

Something which a great deal of men fail to consider is that whilst the procedure itself can be done in under an hour, the reversal process is very different indeed. Actually there are many men who go into this casually because they know that the reversal is an option, what they fail to realize however is that the reversal procedure can be very painful and could last between 5 and 6 hours, not exactly the lunchtime quickie than many imagine.

Time To Halt Production

A vasectomy is not so simple that you will have the procedure done on the Wednesday and by Thursday morning you will no longer have sperm in your semen. It is important to remember that it can take over 4 weeks to completely remove the sperm and many men fail to recognize this or don’t listen when they are told. Often this can result in unwanted pregnancies based on the lack of knowledge which they patient had post-op.

Clinic and Surgeon

Finally you should spend a good amount of time thinking about who you want to perform this procedure, where and how much it will cost. Prices and practitioner ability can vary a great deal so if you have absolutely decided that this is what you are going to do then it is important that you spend the time on working out the best person for the job.

Before you go into this, ensure that  you know everything about it and that you have cleared up any doubts which you may have with a medical professional.