If you’re someone who has very limited experience with traveling in an RV, it can be quite easy to make mistakes that could hinder or perhaps even ruin your trip.

Here are the top mistakes that you will want to avoid before leaving on your Salt Lake City RV trip:

You Bring Too Much Stuff

Motorhomes and travel trailers these days contain a lot of storage space. Still, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to pack too much.

There’s a lot of items that you may think you need but that you most likely won’t use. The best approach is to make a list and then whittle down that list as you think about it over the course for about a week.

To keep packing under control, you can also tell the members of your family that they can bring as much as can fit into a backpack or garbage bag, but that that’s the limit.

You Pay Too Much

 You never want to pay too much on your RV trip. That goes for the cost of the rental (Outdoorsy can help you find the best deals in the Salt Lake City area), fuel, food, and RV parks to name a few things.

There are a number of strategies that are easy to apply and can help you to reduce costs as well. Obviously you can select a lower priced RV right up front. But you can also elect to make your own food more often than eating out, and you can use travel apps to help find the cheapest fuel prices in the area too.

 You Don’t Take Breaks

Taking regular breaks while driving an RV for an extended period of time is important to help recharge and revitalize yourself. Even if you don’t need to stop for food, fuel, or to use the restroom, there’s nothing wrong with pulling off to the side of the road every hour or two, stepping out to stretch your legs, and going for a quick hike.

In essence, you don’t want to have the mindset that you absolutely have to get to your destination as quickly as possible. If you put in around five hours or so of driving time a day, that should equate to around three hundred or possibly even more miles covered, which is impressive in its own right.

 You Don’t Make Reservations

 Last but not least, always make reservations at an RV park or campground ahead of time via phone or email, even if they say that reservations are not required. This is the only way to guarantee a spot and a spot that can actually fit your RV at that.

 RV Mistakes To Avoid

Before you leave on your next RV trip, just keep the above information in mind. Being aware of those mistakes so you can avoid them to begin with is guaranteed to make your trip easier.