tighten skin

Ultherapy is an amazing procedure. In fact, it is the world’s first and only non-invasive medical device that is able to lift the skin using ultrasound energy and waves. Because ultherapy skin tightening is micro-targeted, low level energy is developed to very specific depths, locations, and temperature, thereby achieving maximum lift for the skin.

Ultherapy Facelift

People refer to this type of therapy as Ultherapy facelift because the results are actually equal to this achieved with a facelift. That is something no other treatment has been able to achieve. It does it by lifting, tightening, and toning the skin.

When we age, the basic layers of the skin start to weaken at a structural level. This means that the tissue becomes lax. Through Ultherapy, energy can reach depths of 4.5mm, which is precisely where the laxity of the skin tissue actually starts. Laser therapy, which has also long been popular, is not able to penetrate deeper than 3mm, which really isn’t deep enough to have really lasting results.

Also, Ultherapy is the only nonsurgical medical device that is able to reach temperatures of between 60 and 70 degrees C at that 4.5mm depth without causing damage to the surface of the skin. The device then releases the exact amount of energy required to denature and contract the collagen, which means new collagen is being produced. When this happens, the skin tightens and starts to look younger again. 

Because the ultrasound energy is delivered so exactly and precisely, the results are highly consistent as well. This consistency is also completely unique to Ultherapy. It is, in other words, the perfect aesthetic procedure for those who want to look rejuvenated and youthful without actually having to go under the knife. According to medical scientists, the therapy does not actually replace facelifts, but it is a preferred method as it does not lead to serious complications and/or scarring.

After the therapy has been complete, the body’s gentle and natural healing response will get to work to further improve the overall condition of the skin. As soon as you have had the procedure, you will notice that your face, neck, and jowls start to look better. However, improvements will continue to appear of the course of two to three months. After six months, you will experience the full results.

No other form of therapy is able to achieve these types of results this quickly. It is almost risk-free and highly effective, and the results are incredibly impressive. That said, it continues to be a specific procedure, which means that there are also some side effects and possible complications. This includes slight redness, although this will generally go after a few hours. Very rarely, some people develop some tingling and swelling, but this is also of a temporary nature.

Clearly, there is no longer any need for you to have less than perfect skin, or to worry about how old you look. Thanks to Ultherapy you can look as young and beautiful as what you feel on the inside