If you are going to have a city break in Budapest, I’m sure you will find some useful information and suggestions of most interesting tourist attractions near the city.


In my case preparations to the trip was really simple, I have had an opportunity to visit Budapest many times so I know the city, but here are some tips if you don’t have so much experience. First of all, you should take care of 3 things – booking your flight, finding a nice hotel plus you should also think about Budapest airport transfer. First two – flight and hotel – are really simple, I’m always using a cheap flight scanner and to choose the best option for me. Finding a good and affordable Budapest airport transfer is not as easy as finding a hotel or a flight. I have travelled to this city many times before and only on my third attempt have I found a good solution for the airport transfer. Of course, you can take a bus, but I didn’t want to waste my time waiting for transport. The other option I tested was taking a taxi, unfortunately, the journey was pretty expensive. Finally, I found the best option – Thanks to them I can book the transfer from the airport to the hotel in advance and at a really affordable price. As I said before I’ve had an opportunity to visit Budapest many times, when I met the city well I started to explore suburbs of the capital city of Hungary.

Surroundings of Budapest

If you have booked your Budapest airport transfer and you’ve found the hotel and the flight it’s time to start your trip. Your first steps should be directed to the former capital of Hungary, – Visegrád where you must see the citadel on the top of the hill, which offers breathtaking panorama of the Danube river. It is also worth visiting the ruins of the Royal Palace, which was once the most magnificent Renaissance palace in Hungary. Another city which is definitely worth to see is Esztergom: Cradle of Catholicism in Hungary located on a high slope on the Danube. The biggest monument of this place is basilica, which was built on the ruins of the earlier medieval church of St. Adalbert.

If you are a fan of mountain hikes I recommend you a trip to the Börzsöny mountains – the low mountains with gentle ridges, here you can also see the collapsed crater of the original volcano, as well as numerous remains of an ancient defensive fortresses.

If you are a big fan of classical music, take a look at the Danube Reckeve or Martonvasar, a place closely linked to Ludwig van Beethoven and the Braunschweig.In the city, there is a composer’s museum and a palace with a beautiful English park.

I hope this short guide encourages you to visit this wonderful place. Remember my bits of advice about booking Budapest airport transfer, finding a right hotel and flight