Digital PR Agency

Since the entire world seems to be going digital and completing everyday tasks online, of course it makes sense that there is such a thing as a digital PR agency. You’re probably already familiar with the concept of public relations and what it’s used for. But what about digital public relations?

There are tons of digital PR agencies popping up everywhere in the world so it is a good time to learn about what they offer and how their services could help your business. Here you can learn the facts about digital PR and why it could be a wise investment for you.

What is digital public relations?

Digital PR operates just like a normal public relations firm but everything is done (you guessed it) through digital means. The main goal of these agencies is to help your company and brand relate to the public. This is done using a few different methods but the most prevalent one is building positive customer reviews.

The professionals at a digital PR agency aim to gain high-quality backlinks and references from a variety of websites and online publications. They want your name to get out in the world so that you can build your client base and be seen as a top contender for whatever service or product your company provides.

What are the main differences between digital and traditional PR agencies?

In traditional public relations firms the agents spend a lot of time networking over the phone in order to get your name mentioned in publications, magazines, and wherever they see fit. They focus more on print-based media like newspapers but also set their sites on TV and radio.

Digital PR specialists focus more on online marketing strategies to get your company featured on blog posts and other forms of web-based content. There has been a huge switch from traditional to digital PR since the online marketing boom that has been going on in recent years. Even some of the top traditional firms have switched gears into the world of digital PR.

What are some common strategies of digital PR?

The best digital PR firms use a variety of strategies to help your brand reach the public eye and gain as much positive attention as possible. A lot of these firms are focusing on search engine optimization techniques to maximize your website’s overall potential on Google.

There are plenty of digital PR strategies and methods in addition to using SEO practices. According to a reputable source called ExposureNinja, here are just a few of them:

  • Publishing articles online to gain high-quality backlinks
  • Networking with journalists and editors to gain backlinks
  • Press releases and syndicating newsworthy content to gain press features
  • Blogger outreach to gain backlinks and mentions on relevant blogs
  • Influencer marketing to gain mentions on influential social media accounts
  • Affiliate programs that pay bloggers who refer customers to your business a commission
  • Offline press events or blogger events that aim to gain online coverage
  • Sharing and syndicating infographics

These common strategies used by digital PR firms make the investment well worth the investment.