In looking at where you tend to head for outdoor entertainment, do you have one or more favorite spots in mind?

No matter the type of activities you enjoy outside, there’s a good likelihood there are things you have yet to do.

One such thing is spending more time and effort appreciating all that nature has to offer.

With that in mind, where do you go for outdoor entertainment?

Have You Tried Whale Watching?

When push comes to shove, would you try some things that have not appeared on your list up to now? If so, would you be comfortable trying them?

One such activity would be whale watching.

In doing this event, you can go on a top whale watching tour and see some amazing sights in the process.

For instance, you could be on a boat off the California coast and see whales as they migrate to and from their homes. As you do this, you will be in awe of how a mammal so big can move with such ease and grace in the water.

In trying to find the right whale watching tour to head out on, be sure to remember the following:

  • History – Get the background of some different tour operators. How long they’ve been in business can tell you something. Although some newer tours may be fine, those who’ve been around have pleased guests to stay in business.
  • Feedback – You can use the Internet and word-of-mouth to get feedback on tour operators. This will help you narrow down your decision on which one to go with. If a tour operator has a lot of positive comments from both people you know and strangers, they can be a good one to go with.
  • Timing – The time of year you go out of course depends on when you’re going to see a fair amount of these mammals. For example, when they’re migrating to and from their homes is your best chance to see them. That said you may want to plan a special trip to celebrate or remember a loved one’s birthday or special date. Get looking at your schedule and see when your best bet is to head out into the ocean.

Educating Your Children

When you have children, whale watching can prove both fun and educational.

With that in mind, how about taking your children out on the water to get a first-hand view of whales?

One of the neat things about this is you could also see dolphins, sea lions and more during this experience.

When your children have an opportunity to see whales in their natural habit, it does a few things.

First, they will learn about whales and the role they play in an ocean habitat.

Second, they can use such knowledge in class or even to one day have a career out on the water in one capacity or another.

Last, it can make for some great memories that they may one day pass along to their own children.

So, if outdoor entertainment is on your list of upcoming things to do, is whale watching going to surface?